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during the day on wednesday. a few clouds continuing through thursday. we don't expect a lot o of moisture to accompany the frontal system but what moisture does accompany it could produce light scattered showers and maybe even a snow shower or two on thursday as the colder air settles in. but the big change with with the front will not be the chance of precipitation. that is modest. it it will be the drop in temperatures which we will all feel. tomorrow a rise in temperatures. highs will be in the low 60s in the south bay. up to 62 at san jose. low 60s on the peninsula. up to 62 palo alto and mountain view. upper 50s on the coast and pacifica and halfle moon bay and upper 50s in and around san francisco. a high of 59 downtown tomorrow. north bay highs mainly low 60. 61 sonoma. 62 napa. 62 santa rosa. east bay, 62 oakland, fremont and castro valley. inland east ba highs right around or just barely above 60 degrees and near monterey bay mainly mid 60s inland and low 60s near the bay. the accuweather seven-day forecast. temperatures drop on wednesday and there is a slight chance
-old career criminal says most drivers don't read warning signs like this one. >> they don't know the machine is the way to pay, but if you know the machine is okay. >> you feel good about it, justified about it? >> not always. it's an easy way to make money. >> reporter: how much do you make? >> i make it through a day. it's a good deal and rent paid. >> is it lucrative? >> i can make up to thousand dollars a week. >> reporter: he says he has been arrested 30 times. this particular con job is considered a misdemeanor petty theft. he spends little time in jail. he knows he'll be out soon. >> anderson was last arrested saturday at a parking lot. he was in court where he was also charged with violating probation. for that offense, they order in order bail and anderson justifies his crimes saying its really the parking lot operators fault. >> i said you guys wanted to stop it. >> that is one thing that anderson and district attorney agree on. the d.a. says parking operators need to share the responsibility. >> you put attendants or gate and camera. simply posting signs is not enough. >> anderson
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of the water weren't able to see anything going on without proper equipment. >> investigators don't know what caused her to lose control of the car. >> there is a manhunt underway in strategy after a person tried to set a woman on fire. she was lit on fire just after noon into the bayview district. sergio quintana tells us what happened. >> reporter: a smoldering sweater in the middle of the street, put 25-year-old was wearing when her family says her boyfriend dexter oliver doused her with gasoline and then lit her on fire. her sister says she is in critical condition at st. francis hospital. >> they hold her down with dead skin and the mother went on to see her but they said she is. >> okay they started yelling at this laundromat. he allegedly ran all the way home to get gasoline and then ran back toward the laundromat. >> i saw him pour gasoline in a bottle. i didn't know he was on burner. >> we watched as investigators collected gasoline can stirs from their home. witnesses who call 911 said they heard the couple arguing in the street and saw the victim on fire. they agreed to talk to us
ning i'm dan ashley let's get to sandy with a close watch on what is going on out there. >> if you don't feel the winter chill yet get ready to feel it tonight. already out there temperatures falling. live doppler 7 hd showing you skies are clear right now. and this is where the freeze warnings are going up. very shortly here friday and saturday 2:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. darker purple. all of the north basement its bay interior valley and santa clara valley which includes san jose. mid 2 is to low 30's. freeze damage to crops sensitive plants. bayshore line indicated by the lighter purple under a frost advisory during the same time period. temperatures low to mid 30's want to protect the sensitive plants. bring them in. don't forget about your pechlts i'll be back to show you exactly how cold it's going to get in your neighborhood in a few minutes and look at the weekend forecast. >> thanks very much. >>> see you in a few minutes. >> snow in the sierra means chains required on all vehicle on highway 80 from the foot hills to donner lake. you should also take extra care when d
to that location. they just don't know even if foul play was involved we'll know more with the autopsy. >> series of violent attack on women in san francisco is prompting new warnings about using your cell phone in public. really is become ago growing problem in something we should all pay attention to. last year half of all robbery involved stealing electronic did he advice. thomas has the story tonight from san francisco. >>reporter: this woman bugsing along polk street texting not looking up. inattention like this that san francisco police say make people vulnerable to snatch and grab thieves which is what happened to her co-worker. >> some guy came through the neighborhood walking real fast and just swiped it right out of her hand. >>reporter: she doesn't weren't to be identified said she and the co-worker posted this letter on the shop window. it warns women that cell phone thieves have been active in the area. one theft occurred outside kelly's home near polk and green. >> we heard the girl screaming and called the police and it was pretty scary. >>reporter: those 2 instance os occur
, yeah, i kind of do. when he asked, will you kiss me, well, i don't have a boyfriend. they don't have a plan to meet up at his apartment. >> i confronted him like here, i put the $20 in the hand and to diffuse but i had a hammer in my hand. >> the thief handed over the phone and took the money and ran. >> she was dressed in nice jacked and shirt and had a bottle of wine in his hand. >> according to him, the thief only used the okay cupid online dating applications. leigh glaser is checking our weather. we had rain today. >> we have rain. pretty good clip. we'll show you outside from sutro cam, very foggy out there. limited visibility. not only do you have to deal with steady areas of rain, also reduced visibility. that is going to cause some delays more than likely. bay area airports tomorrow morning. live doppler 7-hd. we are getting some breaks as the cold front is easing inland. that is in the north bay and peninsula but it is slowly started to fill back in. north bay, i can see forestville and back to rohnert park and petaluma gag slight respite. st. helena, yountville have been h
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8